About Akvaplan-niva

About Akvaplan-niva

Akvaplan-niva is a nonprofit research and development institute with expertise in all aquatic environments

Tromsø (Framsenteret) og 8 andre steder i Norge og på Island
+47 77 75 03 00
Postboks 6606 Stakkevollan, 9296 Tromsø, Norway

Akvaplan-niva is a research and consulting company. Our areas of expertise include the physical environment, biological diversity, and ecological processes in ocean and freshwater.

We contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge via our own research and provide research based advisory services for innovation and environmentally friendly operations for our clients.

We operate our own research and innovation facility (FISK) on Kvaløya, Tromsø.

Akvaplan-niva is founder and owner of Arctic Frontiers, an annual conference held in Tromsø since 2007.

The company was established in 1984 and is a subsidiary of NIVA, the Norwegian Institute for Water Research.