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  1. Hvor bør vi dyrke tare?

    Hvor bør vi dyrke tare?

    2023-10-31 (Norwegian)

  1. Spawning time in adult polar cod (Boreogadus saida) altered by crude oil exposure, independent of food availability

    Leah C. Strople, Ireen Vieweg [+12]

    Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part A 2023-07-03

  2. Impacts of climate change on metal leaching and partitioning for submarine mine tailings disposal

    Kristine B. Pedersen, Tore Lejon [+4]

    Marine Pollution Bulletin 2022-11

  3. Combined effects of crude oil exposure and warming on eggs and larvae of an arctic forage fish

    Morgan Lizabeth Bender, Julia Giebichenstein [+9]

    Scientific Reports 2021-04-16

  1. Seminar om nye oppdrettsarter i nord

    Seminar om nye oppdrettsarter i nord

    2022-04-28 (Norwegian)

  2. Dronningen av Bjørnøya

    Dronningen av Bjørnøya

    2021-02-11 (Norwegian)


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