Akvaplan-niva - ​Capacity building in Indonesian aquaculture

Akvaplan-niva - ​Capacity building in Indonesian aquaculture

15 June 2016 news

Akvaplan-niva has been responsible for a one week training course for government and private sector marine hatchery operators to improve and intensify marine fish hatchery production for Pompano and Barramundi in Indonesia.

The training was attended by 22 officials from Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF), Riau Island Province, private sector and with the Batam Mariculture Development Center (BMDC) as the project site.

Theoretical training. Topics for lecture-discussions covered the following:

1. Broodstock nutrition, biosecurity and genetic management

2. High density live food production

3. High density larvae production and high density nursery production

4. Hatchery design and management

5. Recirculation systems and biosecurity improvement

Practical training. Practical training was given for live food production and enrichment, larval production techniques and broodstock management

  • Broodstock feeding
  • Artificial algae systems for larvae
  • Rotifer production and enrichment
  • Artemia production and enrichment.

A conceptual study was undertaken to upgrade an existing Government hatchery with advanced technology at BMDC. The technology will then be transferred to the other Ministry Aquaculture Development Centers and the private sector.

  • Improve live food production using high intensive live food production systems (algae, Rotifers, and Copepods
  • Improve broodstock management to prevent inbreeding and improve quality and quantity of egg production.
  • Improve and intensify larvae and fry production
  • Improve and intensify nursery production

Photo: The 22 officials from MMAF, Riau Island Province and private sector participating in the training.