Update from the polar front (jelly)fish group

Sorting jellyfish (Photo: Frida Cnossen/Akvaplan-niva)

Update from the polar front (jelly)fish group

Sorting jellyfish (Photo: Frida Cnossen/Akvaplan-niva)

29 August 2023 blog

By Frida Cnossen and Ingvild Ytterhus Utengen, Akvaplan-niva

Greetings from 78 degrees North! We have just spent 12 days on a research cruise for the PolarFront project onboard RV Helmer Hanssen collecting and identifying a variety of macrozooplankton and pelagic fish. We have also looked at fish stomachs and collected samples for stable isotope analysis to study trophic interactions.

Lars Ursem with a tucker trawl for collecting zooplankton and other small marine organisms (Photo: Frida Cnossen/Akvaplan-niva).

Lars Ursem and Ingvild Ytterhus Utengen sorting fish (Photo: Frida Cnossen/Akvaplan-niva).

On the most interesting station we captured 43 kg of jellyfish. The total amount of jellyfish caught at our 9 stations is approximately 300 kg and the biggest individual was 6.9 kg! Our fish group has unintendedly become jellyfish experts and might start a skincare production (change in career?) in a few years.

Frida Cnossen is amazed by the size of the biggest jellyfish caught. It weighed 6.9 kilos! (Photo: Akvaplan-niva)

Besides an outstandingly large number of jellyfish, we have also captured capelin throughout all stations. In Polar Water we have sampled young-of-the-year Polar cod and some other subarctic species including Atlantic cod, Saithe, and several species of fish larvae.

Different sizes of fish (Photo: Frida Cnossen/Akvaplan-niva).

Fulmar eating jellyfish (Photo: Frida Cnossen/Akvaplan-niva)

About the PolarFront project:

The PolarFront project is financed by the Research Council of Norway. It is led by Akvaplan-niva (project leader Paul Renaud) and partners are UiT the Arctic University of Norway, the Norwegian Polar Institute, Scottish Association for Marine Science, Memorial University, the Institute of Oceanology – Polish Academy of Science, Equinor og ConocoPhillips.

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