Senior Adviser

  1. New late Pleistocene species of Acharax from Arctic methane seeps off Svalbard

    Jesper Hansen, Mohamed M. Ezat [+2]

    Journal of Systematic Palaeontology 2019-05-01

  2. Onset of main Phanerozoic marine radiation sparked by emerging Mid Ordovician icehouse

    Christian M. Ø. Rasmussen, Clemens V. Ullmann [+10]

    Scientific Reports 2016-01-06

  3. Assessing Exploratory Drilling Impacts on an Arctic Deepwater Sea-Pen Habitat in Offshore Norway

    John E. Paulsen, Sabine K. Cochrane [+4]

    Day 2 Tue, March 18, 2014 2014-03-17